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                            Cautions of Hot Air Gun Roasting Film

                            Dec. 13, 2017

                            The explosion-proof membrane of a car has a texture, which is directionality. During the construction process, the glass film should be stretched slightly in the opposite direction, so that the explosion-proof membrane will generate stress in the natural direction. When the heating film is heated, it will produce stress relaxation. That is to say, the membrane is contracted along the direction of stretching. 

                            1.It is easy to control and separate the finger shaped bulge with the hand, not easy to wrinkle the film.

                            2.In the process of baking film, there is a direct sense of the change of the film.

                            3.Dry and wet roast Hot Air Gun is moved differently. Heat from the center and ensure the overlapping circle movement when moving. 

                            JiaShiLi is the best Hot Air Gun Manufacturer in China for several years. 

                            Hot Air Gun

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