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                            Ningbo Rongchuang Tools Co.,Ltd.

                            Sep. 13, 2017

                            Founded in 1994, Ningbo Rongchuang Tools Co.,Ltd. Is specialized in the production of electronics,electrical tools and electric appliances.

                            Since the factory founder, we stick to introduce and absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology with actively innovation, so that the factory self-development strength enhanced quickly. We are constantly upgrading to the electronics and electrical tools production equipment by high new technology,which now we have achieved great achievements. In recent years, the new developed “Jiashili” brand hot air gun series,plastic gun series,soldering station series,soldering iron series,glue gun series......rank top position among the similar products.

                            • ADDRESS
                              Jishigang Industrial Park, Haishu District, Ningbo City, China.
                            • Tel: +86 574 8802 3731    +86 135 6788 3970
                            • E-MAIL: jsl@zjyxdq.com
                            • FAX: +86 574 8803 6170

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