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                            We can produce various products according to customer orders

                            Sep. 12, 2017

                            Based on the purpose of durability,rational unity between internal and external quality,we can produce various products according to customer orders. The factory products are sold throughout the world,which are well received by customers.

                            The enterprise focuses on the philosophy of “quality to survive,strive for development on credibility”. We are strict with quality management and get rid of all kinds of false certificates,which well serve merchants both at home and abroad with higher quality products and better service.

                            • ADDRESS
                              Jishigang Industrial Park, Haishu District, Ningbo City, China.
                            • Tel: +86 574 8802 3731    +86 135 6788 3970
                            • E-MAIL: jsl@zjyxdq.com
                            • FAX: +86 574 8803 6170

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