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                            The Application of Hot Air Gun in Life

                            Jan. 04, 2018

                            What is Hot Air Gun, if only to understand it from the words, many people think it is the same to the hot air blower. They are not the same. Adjustable Hot Air Gun is more used in industrial construction.

                            Hot air gun can be used for welding, it is more used in mobile phone factory, it just as a small component of welding mobile phone chip, but its use is not just limited at this point, also can be used to soften the welding material, repair machine and so on. It also used in the maintenance of cars, like in the glass membrane installation of the car.

                            When installing floor tile, will use it, when replacing old brick floor, you would found the old floor tiles are sticky, without hot air gun, it is difficult to put them down. 

                            China Hot air gun application is still far more than this, in home decoration work, furniture painting process, we all need it. 

                            Hot Air Gun

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