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                            How Much Do You Know About Digital Display Hot Air Gun?

                            Mar. 23, 2018

                            Digital temperature display hot air gun is a number of digital temperature display, and some are very accurate and accurate. However, some display temperature is not accurate. Hot air gun with digital display is easy to produce illusions. To add, the digital thermometer has been measured, the actual use temperature is: (small head wind mouth) in the outlet 350-400 degrees, one centimeter at about 300-350 degrees, 2 centimeters at 260-300 degrees. Use a digital multimeter with a thermometer to test. At the same time, some machines have power or other voltage and current indication dials. Some parts are replaceable. If you are using a hot air gun that does not have a digital temperature, you can use a blower to blow a piece of paper at 3 cm to estimate. If the paper does not turn black quickly, yellowing is appropriate.

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                            Digital Display Hot Air Gun

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