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                            How To Use Adjustable Hot Air Gun?

                            Jan. 17, 2018

                            Many people use Adjustable Hot Air Gun, often fail to blow things out. Because they are not using the China Hot Air Gun correctly. 

                            1.Pay attention to the temperature of hot air gun, it work by blowing hot air through the heat resistance inside. So in the process of using, it is often more serious, note its temperature, otherwise it is easy to occur accident.

                            2.Pay attention to wind speed and air volume. If you can not master the wind speed and volume, hot air gun is unable to effect on other objects, specific mastery of the wind needs to be slowly groped by own practice.

                            3.When the heat gun for high welding, the temperature should be slightly high, no lead, the temperature can be lower, uniform blowing, uniform heating. 

                            Adjustable Hot Air Gun

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