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                            Auto Film Steps by Hot Air Gun

                            Jun. 18, 2018

                            Hot air gun exporter shares us the auto film steps by hot air gun.

                            Step 1: Wash car ----Clean the car glass to cut the window film on the glass. To master the cutting techniques and techniques.

                            Step 2: Cut ---- Spray the installation liquid on the outer surface of the car window, cover the car film on it, carefully slide and position it, and cut the window film along the frame. Be careful about the border when cutting.

                            Step 3: Dry Roasting—Fix the film on the window glass, adjust the temperature of the hot air gun, bake the film, eliminate the wrinkles appearing on the curved surface, and make the car foil tightly attached to the glass, which is the same as the glass radian.

                            Step 4: Cleaning ---- After the window film size is cut, the inner surface of the window glass is cleaned.

                            Step 5: After the glass is cleaned and wiped dry, the peeling film on the surface of the window film is peeled off. The mounting liquid is sprayed on the exposed adhesive layer, and the surface is wetted with a mounting liquid to allow the window film to slide freely on the inner surface of the glass.

                            Hot Air Gun

                            Step 6: After tearing off the peeling film, spray the mounting liquid on the inner surface of the glass and the adhesive layer. The window film can now be moved into the mounting position.

                            Step 7: Move the window film and spray the mounting solution on the surface again. After the automobile film and the glass are completely in line, squeeze the mounting liquid between the mold and the glass with the squeeze plate.

                            Step 8: When attaching the rear gear, the window film to be attached with wetting must be carefully moved into the installation place for positioning and squeezing due to the electric heating wire on the glass.

                            Step 9: Carefully inspect all the edge of the window film and squeeze it with the yellowish plate to make the edge of the window film more closely bond with the glass to prevent the air, water and dust from seeping into the window film during the drying process of the window film.

                            Step 10: After the car film is installed, the inner and outer surfaces of the car window need to be scrubbed carefully to give the car a bright and comfortable appearance.

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