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                            Can a Hot Air Gun Be Used As a Hair Dryer?

                            Apr. 14, 2018

                            We all know that a hot air gun, whatever adjustable hot air gun or digital display hot air gun, is a device that can generate a lot of heat. When using the heat gun, it cannot be used as a hair dryer at all. First of all, the wind of this kind of equipment is very hot, and this is something that we cannot afford. Our commonly used hair dryer is more than twenty degrees when it is hot. But when we use a hot air gun, this heat is almost 40 or even higher. This is unacceptable to us. If you use it as hair blowing, then your hair may be Damaged, if it is more serious, then some of the body's skin under this condition will also be a certain degree of damage, these are many times we can not afford to bear, so we must be highly at this time Pay attention to these situations. We must not use it as a hair dryer in the process of use. It is an injury to ourselves.

                            More health knowledge about Adjustable Hot Air Gun and Digital Display Hot Air Gun pls follow up our website.

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