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                            How to Choose the Correct Size Glue Gun Sticks

                            May. 24, 2018

                            We've observed a great deal of confusion in clients hoping to correctly line up the proper hot melt stick for their respective Glue Gun Sticks. To attempt to help clean the mystery behind selecting the proper size adhesive stick, we've produced a handy little cheat sheet to assist you on the way.

                            1/2" adhesive Gun sticks would be the most frequent dimensions in the marketplace these days enabling for the widest range of formulas for use. The biggest factor to search for when picking a 1/2" adhesive stick is ensuring that the hot melt gun and stay temperatures fit up properly.

                            The benefits of 5/8" glue sticks is that they allow for greater quantity dispensing and needing to reevaluate sticks less frequently as they're bigger. This is very good for high volume programs.

                            "1 x 3" Glue Sticks

                            The sole glue gun which employs this rod size was devised by 3M and has been around as long as we could recall. The 3M PG II pneumatic adhesive gun is a work horse and always a leading seller in large quantity pneumatic adhesive guns.

                            The 3m PG II adhesive gun comes in the regular temp and very low temp, it is important to purchase the right temperature hot melt. Since this 3M adhesive gun is popular for industrial uses.

                            Find trusted Glue Gun Manufacturer. Any requirements and problems can ask us at any time.

                            How to Choose the Correct Size Glue Gun Sticks

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