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                            What Is The Type of Hot Air Gun?

                            Jan. 10, 2018

                            Hot Air Gun is one of the necessary equipment in the electronic manufacturing. By using the hot air to weld or pick up the electronic components. At present, there are four kinds of hot air guns in the market, consumers can choose different performance Electric Heating Tool according to their needs.

                            1.Common type of hot air gun. This type price is low, and more suitable for household use. Self temperature control is poor, and it is easy to burn out things. Itself has temperature detector, but can not adjust the temperature.

                            2.Standard type hot air gun. It has temperature regulation scale, the temperature rises rapidly within a few seconds. However, its temperature will be automatically adjusted within a suitable range, and it is more stable. It can be selected for mobile phone maintenance.

                            3.Hot Air Gun with Digital Display. It is based on the standard type hot air gun with a very accurate digital temperature display, and sometimes will also be accompanied by voltage and current indicator dial.

                            4.High temperature heat gun. It can reach temperatures of 800-900 degrees, must be used in connection with compressed air or high pressure air condition.

                            Hot Air Gun with Digital Display

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