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                            Do You Know the Custom of The Double Ninth Festival?

                            Oct. 28, 2017

                            The Double Ninth Festival is a variety of folk customs as one of the formation of traditional festival. Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival will include traveling, overlooking the mountains, watching chrysanthemum, eating double ninth cakes, etc. 

                            First is ascend a height. Autumn in September, bright, this season looks up can reach relaxed, fitness purposes. 

                            The double ninth cake also called colored chrysanthemum cake, it is no fixed making method, more casual.

                            There has always been the custom tours chrysanthemum, it is also known as chrysanthemum festival since ancient times. Festival organized chrysanthemum congress, and people of the city go to the chrysanthemum. 

                            He traditional custom of drinking chrysanthemum wine in China during the festive season. It was regarded as auspicious wine in the ancient times. 

                            People think that in the Double Ninth Festival this day cornel can shelter disaster.

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                            The Double Ninth Festival

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