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                            Election of Soldering Iron

                            Feb. 27, 2018

                            There are many types of electric iron and specifications, including Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, External Heating Soldering Iron. The size of the workpiece being welded is different, so a reasonable choice of power and type of electric iron, to improve the quality and efficiency of welding has a direct relationship.

                            Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron

                            (1) When soldering integrated circuits, transistors and heat-sensitive components, 20W internal or 25W external thermal soldering iron should be used.

                            (2) Welding wire and coaxial cable, should first use 45W ~ 75W external thermal soldering iron, or 50W within the thermal soldering iron.

                            (3) Welding larger components, such as the line of the output transformer pin, electrolytic capacitor lead pin, metal chassis grounding soldering, etc., should be used more than 100W electric iron.

                            Our quality is very high. Welcome contact us for the quote of Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, External Heating Soldering Iron.

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