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                            Features And Applications of Plastic Welder

                            Apr. 19, 2018

                            In this article, we will talk about the features and applications of plastic welder.

                            Performance characteristics of plastic welder tool

                            Hot air plastic welder tool is a reliable and economical hand tool. Small size, high power, durability and longevity; Anti-hot shell heating pipe; Electronic protection system of heating tube; Accurate temperature control, light and easy to carry; Suitable for continuous operation; Integrated design, with a fan, on-site construction is simple, often used in waterproof roll Materials and impervious liners are partially repaired and welded at the construction site.

                            Plastic Welder

                            Application of plastic welder tool

                            Hot-air type plastic welder is widely used in the field welding construction of PVC/PE/PP/PVDF and other plastic plates and pipes. It is an ideal tool for plastic welding of electroplating tanks, chemical tanks, and plastic pipes. It can also be used for on-site welding construction of various PVC/TPO/ECD/CSPE membrane sheets, such as waterproof membranes, impermeable liners, and local welding and repair of geomembranes. Supporting parts: flat mouth + pressure wheel.

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