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                            What Are the Features of Hot Melt Glue Gun?

                            Feb. 03, 2018

                            1, The main features of the plastic box is the inner surface of the Teflon coating to prevent carbonization, to ensure the best state of the gum to reduce clogging.

                            2, Gear pump frequency control, precise control of plastic output.

                            80 W glue gun

                            3, Precision filter device to remove impurities, to prevent nozzle clogging.

                            4, The temperature using precise PID intelligent control.

                            5, The control system has high and low temperature protection, prevent equipment damage.

                            We provide various types of hot melt glue gun. Our 40 W glue gun, 80 W glue gun, 100 W glue gun and Aluminum Alloy Glue Gun are welcomed in international market. Welcome contact us for the quote.

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