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                            Features of Industrial Hot Air Gun

                            Mar. 21, 2018

                            Features of Industrial Hot Air Gun

                            Stainless steel as the main body, pressure 5kgf/cm2;

                            Built-in clever wind tunnel design, air from the inside of the spiral heating wire / outside evenly through the high heat exchange rate, wind pressure loss.

                            2080 nickel chromium wire is a heating element, clean and durable.

                            The maximum operating temperature is 800°C (continuous use: 700°C).

                            Built-in temperature / temperature / device, with K-type thermocouple and connected to the terminal box.

                            Unique anti-dry function to prevent overheating of the heating wire and blow.

                            Industrial Hot Air Gun

                            More information about hot air gun welcome contact to us.Professional hot air gun will provide for you.

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