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                            What Should You Watch Out For When Using A Glue Gun?

                            Jun. 05, 2018

                            The Mini Glue Gun provides convenience for our glue, but it causes premature damage to the glue gun due to inadvertent use in the process of use.

                            1. The connection pressure should not exceed 145 psi.

                            2. Before removing the glue gun, separate the air tube.

                            3. During construction, the front end of the barrel should be tightly closed.

                            4. After the construction is completed, gently put the glue gun and carefully damage the front cover and the rear muffler.

                            5. Do not aim at the muzzle.

                            6. In the continuous work process, the time for the glue gun to stop working shall not exceed 5 minutes. Otherwise, the glue shall be applied until the glue is discharged.

                            7. The high-pressure hose must not be forced to bend or bend to prevent it from affecting the normal operation of the glue gun.

                            We are Glue Gun Manufacturer and need to contact us.

                            Mini Glue Gun

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