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                            Hot Air Gun Basic Operation Five Steps

                            Jun. 28, 2018

                            The Hot Air Gun Wth Digital Display is the main tool for welding mobile phone chip components. In the process of mobile phone repair, the Adjustable Hot Air Gun must be used correctly to repair the mobile phone components.

                            The following introduce the basic operation method of the hot air gun:

                            1. Power on the hot air gun first, then turn on the hot air gun power switch. If you find any problems with the hot air gun cable, you need to solve the problem first.

                            2. Place a piece of paper at a distance of 10cm from the nozzle of the hot air gun. At this time, adjust the air volume adjustment button of the hot air gun to observe the wind power of the hot air gun under different wind speed conditions, and then select the most suitable wind speed.

                            3, after adjusting the wind speed, you need to adjust the temperature of the hot air gun, still place a piece of paper 10cm away from the nozzle, and then observe the temperature of the heat gun with different number of files.

                            4. After the wind speed and temperature have been set, the maintenance of the mobile phone chip components will begin. During the maintenance process, it should be noted that the method of use is correct.

                            5. After the maintenance is completed, you need to turn off the power of the hot air gun and wait until the air jet of the hot air gun is stopped before removing the power plug of the hot air gun.

                            When using a hot air gun to repair mobile phone chip components, it is necessary to take care of the proper temperature and wind speed so as not to damage the mobile phone components too much and to be too low to weld the mobile phone components.

                            Adjustable Hot Air Gun

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