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                            What Part Does Hot Air Gun Include?

                            Jan. 20, 2018

                            The main function of China Hot Air Gun is the part of circuit. There are five parts of the structure in control circuit. Fist part is the temperature signal amplifying circuit, which can be used to perceive the temperature when Temperature Adjustable Hot Air Gun is working. Second part is the comparison circuit, if there is no special requirement, we generally do not have to know this part. The third is thyristor control circuit, which is mainly used to control the whole circuit. The fourth is sensor, it is used to induce the internal and external environment. The last part is wind control circuit. 

                            In order to convenient in using, we also add some auxiliary circuits in the hot air gun, making the effect of the heat gun more complete. The auxiliary circuit includes temperature display circuit, shutdown delay circuit and zero crossing detection circuit. With these parts, the operator can be more convenient to use the hot air gun. 

                            China Hot Air Gun

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