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                            Instructions for Use of Hot Air Gun

                            Nov. 01, 2017

                            1.Before using Hot Air Gun, you should be sure to be reliably grounded, to prevent electrostatic damage to components on the Power Tool.

                            2.It should be adjusted to the appropriate temperature and air volume, according to the different shape of nozzle and the work requirement. 

                            3.Turn on the hot air gun power switch to preheat, when the temperature is stable you can process welding. In the rework process, pay attention to the protection of the safety of surrounding components. 

                            4.When installing nozzle, do not force too much, not to beat the table to give a strong iron of impact, avoid heating wire and high temperature glass damage. 

                            5.High temperature operation should be very careful.

                            6.Turn off the power switch after completing the work, start automatic cooling period, and you can not pull out the power plug.

                            Hot Air Gun

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