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                            How to Maintain Hot-melt Glue Gun?

                            May. 15, 2018

                            The following safety precautions must be taken when servicing and repairing the mini glue gun:

                            1. Before carrying out maintenance work on the hot melt adhesive machine, it is necessary to shut off the power supply of the hot melt adhesive and the power supply connected to the outside, and it must not be charged.

                            2. During dismantling maintenance work, workers are advised not to wear conductive decorations such as earrings, watches, necklaces, and bracelets to prevent accidents.

                            3. In any case, do not touch the wire connector that may be exposed to the outside world or other components that have wire connection and are not loosened.

                            4. Before disassembling or moving the protective device on the hot melter or replacing the components, the supply of power must be cut off.

                            5. If possible, try to stand on a plastic blanket for maintenance work. Do not perform maintenance work on the melter on flooded floors or in very humid environments.

                            6. Wear safety gloves, goggles, and long-sleeved overalls when performing maintenance and repairs on the melter to prevent the body from being burnt by hot liquid hot melt or burned by hot components.

                            7. When loosening or installing pressure fittings, it must be determined that the pressure supplied to the melter has been reduced to zero.

                            8. When cleaning the hot melt adhesive tank, avoid using fireworks or sharp hard tools to avoid scratching the Teflon adhesive coating inside the plastic bucket.

                            9. If air pressure or hot melt mini glue gun sticks leaks, do not continue to use the hot melt machine, first stop the hot melt machine work, cut off the power, and reduce the operating pressure to zero and then overhaul.

                            Mini Glue Gun

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