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                            How to Use Hot Glue Gun?

                            Feb. 05, 2018

                            Glue gun is a kind of power tools. Do you know the use instructions about power tools glue gun?

                            Power Tools Glue Gun

                            1, Hot melt glue gun plug in the power, please check the power cord is intact, whether the bracket is ready; glue gun has been used if there is such as plastic down.

                            2, Glue gun before use warm-up 3-5 minutes, glue gun when not in use, please stand upright on the desktop.

                            3, Keep the hot melt adhesive surface clean to prevent impurities blocked gun mouth.

                            4, Glue gun if found in the course of playing do not glue, please check whether the glue gun fever;

                            High quality mini glue gun is supplied.

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