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                            How to Use Plastic Welder Safely? Part B

                            Apr. 27, 2018

                            In this article, we will continue to introduce how to use plastic welder safely. Hope this article is useful for you.

                            4, plastic sheet is heated to 130 °C ~ 140 °C when it becomes a soft state, a little pressure can be formed. Welding temperature is generally about 240 °C, from the welding nozzle mouth about 5 to 10 mm at a temperature of 200 °C ~ 260 °C, welding should pay attention to the distance between the nozzle and solder joints to obtain the desired welding temperature.

                            5. After the heating wire is broken, the screw connecting the gun shell can be opened, the gun core can be removed, and the 300 W electric heating wire can be used to evenly wind it, and it can still be used. Bad core can be purchased from our factory.

                            6、The torch must be lightly put in order to avoid breaking the refractory ceramic material of the gun core and short-circuit the heating wire.

                            7, When use the plastic welder tool, must be connected to the ground in order to ensure safety.

                            8. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department or similar full-time personnel to avoid danger.

                            9. Do not use this appliance in explosive atmospheres.

                            10. Heat may be transmitted to flammable materials in the distance.

                            11. After use, place the device on the stand to allow it to cool before storing it.

                            Plastic Welder

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