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                            Importance of Using Heat Gun Correctly

                            Feb. 12, 2018

                            Heat gun is one of the important tools to repair communications equipment, mainly by the pump, air flow stabilizer, linear circuit board, handle, shell and other basic components. The main type include Digital Display Heat Gun, Temperature Adjustable Heat Gun. The main role of heat gun is desoldering SMD chip components and chip integrated circuits. The correct use of hot air gun can improve maintenance efficiency, if used improperly, will damage the phone motherboard. If some maintenance personnel remove the power amplifier or CPU, found the phone circuit board solder joints, plastic cable seat and keyboard seat is damaged, or even short-circuit phenomenon. This is actually the maintenance staff do not understand the characteristics of the heat gun caused. Therefore, how to properly use the hot air gun is the key to repair the phone.

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                            Temperature Adjustable Heat Gun

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