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                            Iron Soldering Precautions

                            Mar. 06, 2018

                            Iron soldering is an easy tool during our daily life. But there is also some precautions need to notice.

                            First, the use of electric iron should be checked before use voltage is consistent with the nominal voltage of electric iron;

                            Second, the electric iron should be grounded

                            Third, the electric iron can not be tapped after power, remove and install some of its electric parts;

                            Fourth, the electric iron should be kept dry, should not be used in over-humid or rainy environment;

                            Fifth, remove the iron head, to cut off the power;

                            Iron Soldering

                            Six, cut off the power, the best use of waste heat on the iron head on a layer of tin to protect the iron head;

                            Seven, when the iron head with black oxide layer, available emery cloth wipe, and then power, and immediately on the tin;

                            Eight, sponge used to collect tin slag and tin beads, pinch just right out of water for the fit;

                            Nine, before doing a good job of welding "5S", after welding have to do "5S."

                            We are iron soldering manufacturer, providing soldering iron with high quality.

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