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                            The Main Use Of Mini Glue Gun

                            Jul. 12, 2018

                            The simple and economical design of the Mini Glue Gun, the internal use of high-quality structural components, combined into a set of first-class price-effective hot melt glue gun, can be divided into two types of manual maneuver. What are the uses of hot melt glue guns? It is mainly suitable for carton packaging, carton sealing, medical dressing, hollow glass rubber, automotive product assembly, refrigerator sealing, furniture production furniture packaging, footwear, wood industry, toy industry, Leather, electronics, electrical appliances, textiles, handicrafts and buildings are filled and various other industries that require painting and fuel injection.

                            Hot melt glue gun what Glue Gun Factory supplied has follow features:

                            1. Quickly break the glue, completely stop the glue, and prevent the glue from collapsing.

                            2, hot melt glue gun built-in German high-quality sealing structure components to ensure stable and durable gun body.

                            3, the body of the gun body, can be customized according to user requirements.

                            4. The gun body is precision machined with high quality and high quality aluminum material. It is a wear-resistant and exquisite hot melt glue gun.

                            5, the specifications of the hot melt glue gun nozzle, can be customized according to user requirements. Long-term equipped with long and long hot melt glue gun streamline gun nozzle, suitable for refrigerator sealing rubber seal, hollow glass glue.

                            6, can be modified according to user requirements applied to other brands of hot melt adhesive equipment, no matter what brand can be used.

                            7, can spray line glue, scraping glue, dispensing, fiber spray, spiral spray glue and other forms of spraying.

                            8. The hot melt glue gun is easy to operate and flexible. It can be rotated freely with 360 degrees and 270 degrees. It is not limited by the glue spraying process.

                            Mini Glue Gun

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