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                            Our Glue Gun Ready for Export

                            Mar. 08, 2018

                            Power tools glue gun is one of our main products. Our mini glue gun sticks and other glue guns are popular in international markets. Pictures below are our workers producing glue guns at our workshop. These yellow glue guns are ready for export. If you have any interesting about our power tools glue gun or other products, welcome contact us for further information. First, you can browse the product information on our website, about ten kinds of mini glue guns are on display. Welcome tell us if you have other ideas about the design of the glue guns. We will finish according to your needs.

                            Jiashili, founded in 1994, a reliable power tools glue gun manufacturer. Waiting to create business opportunities with you.

                            Power tools glue gun

                            Power tools glue gun

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