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                            Can Plastic Welder be Used in Welding Plastic for home?

                            Dec. 27, 2017

                            Plastic Welder can be used in welding plastic for home. The hot wind sent out by the heating element in the hot air station to weld the element. But it can also depend on the hot air welding station plastic welding components too. For this you must buy a dedicated plastic used for welding rods. In the ideal situation, the air gun and the torch in the hot air station should be used at the same time. The welding temperature should be opened at about 200 to 300 degrees. Try it several times and finally determine the specific welding temperature. It can also be used to weld the solder for solder, but it is better to use the same color for the solder. The solder should be cleaned to make it look better.

                            Plastic Welder

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