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                            Power Tools Mini Drill Introduction

                            May. 03, 2018

                            A mini hand drill is a drilling tool powered by an AC power source or a DC battery and is a type of hand-held power tool. Mini drill is the largest sales volume in the power tool industry. Power tools mini drill is widely used in construction, decoration, furniture and other industries. It is used to open holes or penetrate objects in objects. Some industries also call it electric hammers. The main components of the hand drill: drill chuck, output shaft, gear, rotor, stator, housing, switch and cable. Hand drill (pistol drill) - Tools for drilling metal materials, wood, plastics, etc. When equipped with forward and reverse switch and electronic speed control device, can be used as electric screwdriver. Some models are equipped with a rechargeable battery that can operate normally without an external power supply for a certain period of time. Special model: right angle electric drill - suitable for use in narrow working spaces. (Electric drill head and body are 90 degrees, the required working space is reduced.)

                            Twist drill bit - best suited for making iron, aluminum alloys and other materials. Can also be used to play wooden materials, but the positioning is not accurate, easy to fight. Hole opener---Applicable to open holes in iron and wood materials. Wood drill - specifically for playing wood materials. With a positioning rod for precise positioning. Glass drill—Applicable for punching on glass.

                            Mini Drills Tools

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