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                            What Is The Purpose Of Hot Melt Glue Gun?

                            May. 29, 2018

                            Hot melt Glue Gun, with accurate breaking effect, a variety of nozzles, can meet the requirements of different production lines, unique filter design, is conducive to cleaning and other characteristics. The general hot melt glue gun will not be deformed when used at high temperature of 300°C for a long time, and the joint is durable. Therefore, hot-melt adhesives are widely used in electronic factories, food factories, packaging plants, and other hot melt adhesive products.

                            For hot melt glue gun to make up for the shortcomings of the automatic spray gun, to meet the needs of mobile use The body of the gun body is made of imported materials, can withstand high temperature of 300 °C, to ensure long-term high temperature use without deformation, and the weight of the gun body Light, convenient and flexible operation. Unique protective gear design to prevent operators from accidentally burn when working; universal joint combined with European advanced technology, flexible operation, durable; spiral, strip, dot, fibrous fiber out of a variety of ways, can be For a wide choice of different industries.

                            We are professional Glue Gun Factory and you are right If you choose us.

                             Glue Gun

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