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                            Solutions of Pneumatic Glue Gun Leak

                            Apr. 04, 2018

                            Mini glue gun is widely used in our life. In this news, we will share you some solutions about pneumatic glue gun leak.

                            Mini Glue Gun

                            1) Inlet air leakage: The connection degree between the air pump and the glue gun air inlet is not enough. You can choose to change the fitting or connect the air tube to the air inlet of the glue gun and fix it with wire.

                            2) Leakage of the gun body: The screws can be removed, reinstalled, and tightened. Or seal it with glass glue, serious leak, please contact the supplier to replace the gun body.

                            3) Leakage at the front of the barrel: The glue is too long, causing the front cover not to tighten. Or its front cover is screwed into place.

                            4) Air leakage at the rear end of the gun: Damage to the seal or damage to the rear muffler. Contact your supplier for replacement.

                            More knowledge about Mini Glue Gun/Mini Glue Gun Sticks pls contact to us.

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