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                            Special Application of Hot Air Guns

                            Jun. 25, 2018

                            Hot air guns can be used for many other purposes besides welding small components for mobile phones. Hot air gun manufacturer will share the news for you.

                            Special Application of Hot Air Guns

                            1. Soften the welding material and remove the plastic: The hot air gun can be used to remove the mold factory plastic factory to remove the plastic paste on the mold, it is also suitable for peeling off the wallpaper glued with viscose, can soften the welding material and facilitate the removal of plastic.

                            2. Auto glass film: The hot air gun can perform the rapid heating and shrinkage of automotive glass film.

                            3, Heat shrinkable packaging film, tube: The use of hot air gun can shrink plastic film, packaging film, heat shrink tube. At the beginning of the heating, the shrink film and the tube are heated evenly from a longer distance and uniformly, and then slowly approached until the shrink film, the tube shrink uniformly and the package is tightly packed.

                            4, Change the floor tile: When you want to open the floor tile, because there are viscous glue under the floor tile, so you must first have the heat gun under the floor tile with viscous heating, so that it softened, once softened with a shovel inserted into the floor tiles and Pick up the floor tiles in the gap between the floors.

                            5. Bend plastic tube: When the heat gun bends the plastic tube, please place the outlet from 3 to 13 cm away from the surface of the plastic tube, and heat evenly around the part of the plastic tube that you want to bend until you feel it has begun to soften. Start bending. After the plastic tube cools, it will slightly rebound in the opposite direction, so bending needs a little more.

                            6, In addition to the old paint: the use of industrial guns with hot air to remove old paint, will not make the surface of the appliance overheated and burned.

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