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                            Types Of Hot Air Gun

                            Aug. 14, 2018

                            Types of Hot Air Gun:

                            1.Standard type:

                            The price is about five or six hundred. The scale of this kind of hot air gun is really used to adjust the temperature. It can be heated up quickly when it is turned on, and it can be reached in tens of seconds. The temperature does not rise linearly, and the air volume is also compared in the range where the difference is small. Stable, suitable for repairing mobile phones.

                            2.Digital display heat gun:

                            The digital thermometer has been measured. The actual operating temperature is: (small head tuyere) is 350-400 degrees at the tuyere, about 300-350 degrees at one centimeter, and 260-300 degrees at 2 centimeters. It can be tested with a digital multimeter with a thermometer.

                            3.High temperature type:

                            High temperature hot air gun, temperature up to 800 ° C or even 900 ° C and must be fixed on the equipment connected to compressed air or high pressure air source before use. High-temperature hot air guns usually have one or two temperature sensors built in for temperature control, and an anti-drying device is built in to prevent the heating wire from being overheated due to lack of wind.

                            We are the Hot Air Gun Manufacturer and can contact us if you have a need.

                            Hot Air Gun

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