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                            Usage of Plastic Welder

                            Apr. 17, 2018

                            Plastic welder, is a hot-air welding tool, which melts and bonds by heating and melting the surface of the plastic electrode and film. It is an ideal tool for construction and local welding and repair of PP plastic plating tanks, waterproofing membranes, impermeable liners, geomembranes.

                            Plastic Welder Tool

                            Use caution of plastic welder tool

                            1. When the plastic welder operating, first adjust the heater power to the lowest gear, and then gradually increase the power according to the welding needs after power-on to achieve the desired temperature for welding.

                            2. Before turning off the machine, turn the knob at 0°C and let it blow for a few minutes. Wait until the barrel is cool before turning off the unit to avoid wasting heat.

                            3. Hand touch the barrel when operating to avoid burns. The use of light to put, so as not to damage the gun parts, affect the service life.

                            4. When wearing different nozzles and making potentiometer knobs point to different scales, the temperature is 10mm away from the nozzle as shown in the table below.

                            The electronic control sets the hot air temperature. Widely used in various thermal plastic welding fields.

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