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                            Use Hot Air Gun With Caution

                            Mar. 26, 2018

                            There are 1800W Hot Air Gun, 2000W Hot Air Gun in market. The hot air gun is the most commonly used instrument in maintenance. Because of the frequency of use of the hot air gun, as a direct operation of the hot air gun, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the safe operation method of the hot air gun.

                            2000W Hot Air Gun

                            1, Hot air gun can not be used to blow hair hot air gun.

                            2. When using a hot air gun, it is not dangerous for people or animals.

                            3. When using a hot air gun, it cannot be used together with chemical products or plastic products, so it is easy to produce harmful substances.

                            4. When using a hot air gun, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature and air volume of the hot air gun, because some components need to be used at high temperatures, and the circuit board needs to be used at a low temperature.

                            5. After using the hot air gun, let the hot air gun cool down and store it safely.

                            6. After using the hot air gun, remember to remove the nozzle or the paint on the blade, otherwise it is very easy to cause fire.

                            JIASHILI can provide high quality 1800W Hot Air Gun and 2000W Hot Air Gun. More information welcome contact to us.

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