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                            The Use of Soldering Iron

                            Mar. 03, 2018

                            We know that soldering iron includes Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, External Heating Soldering Iron mainly. In this news, we will talk about the use of soldering iron.

                            1, The choice of suitable solder, soldering electronic components should be used for low melting point solder wire.

                            2, Flux, 25% rosin dissolved in 75% alcohol (by weight) as a flux.

                            3, Electric soldering iron to be used before the tin, the specific method is: the electric iron heat, until just to melt the solder, coated with flux, and then evenly coated with solder on the tip, the iron head to eat evenly A layer of tin.

                            SOLDERING GUN

                            4, Welding methods, the pads and components of the pins polished with fine sandpaper, coated with flux. Use soldering tip to pick up the right amount of solder and contact with the solder joint. After the solder on the solder joint is completely melted and immersed, the soldering iron head gently pulls up the soldering tip along the pins of the component.

                            5, The welding time should not be too long, or easy to scorch the components, if necessary, clamp the pin with tweezers to help heat.

                            6, The solder joint should be sine wave peak shape, the surface should be bright and smooth, Wuxi thorn, tin moderate amount.

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