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                            How to Use Plastic Welder Safely?

                            Apr. 24, 2018

                            Last news, we have talked about the features and application of plastic welder tool. Do you know how to use plastic welder safely?

                            1. The handle switch is divided into three gears: I gear is connected to the heating wire; II gear starter motor is blown; three gears are stopped. When using, start the air supply of the motor and then energize the heating wire. When it is deactivated, the power of the heating wire is cut off first, and then the film is stopped for a moment to stop the air, so as to avoid excess heat of the heating wire, shortening the life of the core, or burning the wire.

                            2, In use of plastic welder, in case of high temperatures can be retreated to II file, that is, cut off the heating wire power, the use of residual heat welding, and then play I file when appropriate, in order to Ting long core life and ensure the quality of welding.

                            3. When use plastic welder for the first time, fire or smoke may occur. This is a normal phenomenon, and it will disappear automatically after 5 minutes of power on.

                            Plastic Welder Tool

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