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                            What Is External Heating Soldering Iron?

                            Feb. 24, 2018

                            Soldering iron is an essential tool for electronic production and electrical maintenance, the main purpose is to weld components and wires, according to the mechanical structure can be divided into internal thermal iron and external heating thermal iron, according to different purposes is divided into Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron.

                            External Heating Soldering Iron

                            External Heating Soldering Iron: By the iron head, iron core, shell, wooden handle, power leads, plugs and other components. As the tip is installed inside the iron core, it is called external thermal iron. Iron core is a key component of electric iron, it is parallel to the heating wire wound in a hollow ceramic tube composition, the middle of the mica insulation, and leads to two wires and 220V AC power connection. Exothermic electric iron specifications, commonly used are 25W, 45W, 75W, 100W, etc., the higher the power the temperature of the tip will be higher.

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