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                            What is Hot Glue Gun?

                            Jan. 31, 2018

                            Hot glue gun is a decoration tool, with a precise breaking effect, a wide range of nozzles to meet the requirements of different production lines, a unique filter design, is conducive to cleaning and so on.

                            Hot glue guns are widely used in electronics factory, food factory, packaging plant. Make up the shortcomings of automatic spray gun to meet the needs of mobile use. There are many mini glue gun on our website.

                            What is Hot Glue Gun?

                            Unique design of the brace protects the operator from accidental burns while working. The universal joint combines advanced European technology to make the operation more flexible and durable. Spiral, strip, dot, a wide range of options for different industries.

                            Welcome contact us for the quote of Power Tools Glue Gun.

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