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                            Why Does Glue Gun Have No Glue?

                            Apr. 18, 2018

                            During we use power tools glue gun or aluminum alloy glue gun, sometimes we may counter that the glue gun does not have glue out. Do you know how to check it?

                            1) If the working pressure of the gas source is too low, the pressure valve should be properly adjusted to increase the working pressure.

                            2) The glue gun is not cleaned and the glue solidifies the blocked channel. At this time, the clearing channel must be cleared.

                            3) The viscosity of the rubber is not suitable. If the viscosity is too large, the resistance increases, the glue is not continuous or the glue does not come out. Therefore, the glue that meets the requirements must be selected.

                            Aluminum Alloy Glue Gun

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